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Inspired by ranchers, sailors, soldiers and hardworking blue collars, Ralph Lauren’s line of high grade Americana recalls a time when style was defined by profession and quality proved paramount. Items and features we think of today primarily as fashionable flair were originally based around necessity and conceived for comfort and durability in the field. Bandanas were for sweat, the yokes on western shirts were for reinforcement and snaps were for quick one-handed opening. Boot cuts, belt loops, even the addition of rivets were all meant for a longer lasting dependable product. Every sizing dimension and fabric thickness was measured in direct relation to the job of the person who was wearing it.

While we continue to hail these styles as timeless pieces in American fashion, it’s important to remember why these garments have endured over time and became a symbol for the American experience. Through RRL, Ralph Lauren helps keep this history and heritage alive and goes through great lengths to acknowledge these time-honored traditions by providing the highest quality products made from premium denim, cotton and stoneware.  

Card holder made from Japanese denim that is dyed with true indigo. "RRL" ranch logo embroidered at the front. "The Long R" label at the back. One center slot and two card slots at each side.

  • Center slot and four card slots
  • "RRL" ranch logo embroidered at the front
  • "The Long R RRL Sanforized Shrunk" label at the back
  • Lined with nylon
  • 4¼" L x 3¼" W
  • Shell: 100% cotton.
  • Lining: 100% nylon
  • Imported
  • Comes in a box


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