Raised By Wolves BEWARE OF WOLF T-SHIRT White


Raised by Wolves


The English language has more than one expression equating behavior that isn’t in strict accordance with convention to a feral upbringing. While somebody might ask “were you raised in a barn” if you were to enter a domicile without closing the front door, someone who has committed more than a minor breach of etiquette is said to have been “raised by wolves.”

The phrase is meant to be an insult, implying wild, untamable deviance completely unsuited to an existence in civilized society. If you’re the kind of person who forever sees wolves through the lens of “big bad wolf,” you’re probably inclined to agree. If your own thoughts on the wolf tend towards their capability, independence, and loyalty, all naturally preceded by the descriptor fiercely, the wolf is something to aspire to.

Raised By Wolves is, clearly, for those in the second camp. The Canadian streetwear label combines a modern aesthetic, unique, distinctive designs, and high quality local construction to create garments made for those forging their own path through the wilds of life.

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