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Stussy T-Shirts BARCODE TEE
Stussy T-Shirts BARCODE TEE
Stussy T-Shirts BARCODE TEE
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One of the world's original streetwear brands, (if not THE original), Stussy holds a legacy that dates back to the 1980's. Started in Laguna Beach, CA by Shawn Stussy, now a streetwear god, the brand established its roots in skate and surf culture, and was shortly thereafter adopted by the likes of DJs and hip-hop artists worldwide.

If you want your brand grow out of the garage and onto a worldwide stage, you need things like barcodes to measure your growth and efficiency in the modern marketplace. We aren't sure if this scans yet. We haven't tried. But you know that we will. 

If a size is not listed, it is sold out.

  • Regular fit t-shirt
  • Ribbed crew neck
  • Printed logo.
  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported



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