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Death Rites T-Shirts ARISE S/S TSHIRT
Death Rites T-Shirts ARISE S/S TSHIRT


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Are you a fashionable Morbid Angel fan? Tired of heavy metal influenced streetwear that has the look right, but none of the attitude? Well, there are no such worries with Death Rites, because their creator didn’t spend his high school days listening to Color Me Badd and dig an old Iron Maiden shirt out of goodwill in 2011. This burgeoning label actually started out life as creator Shawn Yates’ metal fanzine, from 1988-1990.

Now, like the countless wights, wraiths, ghouls, zombies, and blood soaked psychopaths that roam the metal canon, Death Rites has been summoned to walk upon the Earth once more, through the illustrative dark arts of UK based artist French.

Suggested soundtrack : Mercyful Fate - Melissa 

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