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and wander DINEX Off White
and wander DINEX Off White
and wander DINEX Off White
and wander DINEX Off White
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and wander joined the ranks of contemporary urban fashion with outdoors ready functionality back in 2011. In fact, with an ever-expanding array of options, this particular field is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out in. What sets and wander apart is their ability to translate functional versatility into a distinct, visual aesthetic. This isn’t classic menswear rendered in high-tech materials, and it isn’t relocated outdoors sportswear. Owing to the serious devotion of many city dwellers to back to nature, leisure time escapes, and to Japan’s often extreme climate conditions, and wander is designed to seamlessly integrate into daily use, and not simply be pulled out as a reaction to a specific weather forecast.

Double wall structure with polyurethane inside was made by the renowned tableware manufacturer established 1985 in Connecticut. Rope and carabiner are attached to the handle for easy on the go carrying. 

  • Plastic Construction
  • Stackable
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Double Wall Structure
  • Printed Branding
  • Carabiner Clasp
  • Made in USA 


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