Women's AIR JORDAN 1 LOVER XX AO1528 100 Women's AIR JORDAN 1 LOVER XX AO1528 100 Women's AIR JORDAN 1 LOVER XX AO1528 100


Air Jordan


Calling the Air Jordan I and the Air Force 1 “classics,” is kind of like saying that the 95-96 Bulls were a good team. In the broadest sense, it’s factually correct, but it spectacularly undersells the lasting historical impact. Calling the Jordan I and the Air Force 1 “genre defining, global style icons” would be more like it.

Get ready to experience these two old-school icons, like never before, with the women’s 1 Reimagined collection.

The 1 Reimagined collection brings together 14 women from across Nike’s design departments, to apply their various fields of expertise across ten different interpretations of the Air Jordan I and Air Force 1.

The reimagined designs are centered around five different character archetypes, the explorer, jester, lover, rebel, and sage, which serve as the inspiration for each shoe in the collection.

The 1 Reimagined Collection combines progressive radicalism with an austere, almost minimalist sensibility, as changes to the physical layout of the shoes are combined with a unifying theme of light grey, suede, nubuck, and mesh construction.

The Lover does what lovers everywhere are wont to do, and offers an embrace, with an espadrille inspired construction meant to mold to the wearer’s foot.

The perfect accompaniment to the simple pleasures shared by lovers, the simple construction of the Air Force 1 Lover joins a minimalist slip on with a stacked sole, plush lining, and iridescent perforations.

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  • Nike Women's Air Jordan1 Lover XX 
  • Ivory 
  • AO1528 100 

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