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Facetasm Headwear KHAKI / 2 ACC
Facetasm Headwear KHAKI / 2 ACC
Facetasm Headwear KHAKI / 2 ACC
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Some names give you an immediate and clear picture of what a particular brand does. Others are more cryptic. Once you realize that the word ‘facet’ is the base of the brand’s name, it becomes clear that Facetasm actually manages to embody both of these qualities at once, a set of circumstances that align perfectly with designer Hiromichi Ochiai’s creative vision.

All of the distinctions between categories like high fashion and streetwear, avant garde and ready to wear, modern and traditional, even man and woman that serve as firm design rules are blurred beyond recognition by Facetasm. Geometric lines, bold patterns, and innovative tailoring are all utilized, but don’t expect a pattern to develop. In fact, don’t expect anything from Facetasm; just experience it.

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  • Circumference:20.5 in
  • Brim:3.1 in
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