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Kapital Bags & Accessories KHAKI / O/S 56 YARNS MA-1 SMILIE HEEL SOCKS
Kapital Bags & Accessories KHAKI / O/S 56 YARNS MA-1 SMILIE HEEL SOCKS
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There are certain phrases that, thanks to the reputations built up over the years, are synonymous with a specific kind of quality. In the automotive field, no one with “German engineering” on the mind would be expecting to receive a 1970 Trabant. In the fashion industry, the same set of expectations applies to another byword for quality, “Japanese denim.”

One of the most sought after names in the world of denim, Kapital hail from the jean capital of Japan, the city of Kurashiki’s portside Kojima district. Originally a sewing and dyeing factory that produced product for other companies, Kapital parlayed their years of hard won expertise into their own signature label, launched in 1996.

Kapital marries impeccable craftsmanship and innovative textile technique with an intricately detailed, elegantly offbeat signature look, creating some of the most unique, and widely coveted items in the world.

These classic socks from Kapital are an essential for the upcoming cooler months, as the wool/cotton/acrylic blend keeps your feet snug, while the smile detail on the heel will aid you in continuing to conquer that seasonal depression. 

  • Kapital 64 Yarns Ivy Heel-Pocket Socks
  • Wool, cotton, and acrylic blend
  • Smiley face heel 
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