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One of the most sought after names in the world of denim, Kapital hail from the jean capital of Japan, the city of Kurashiki’s portside Kojima district. Originally a sewing and dyeing factory that produced product for other companies, Kapital parlayed their years of hard won expertise into their own signature label, launched in 1996.

Kapital marries impeccable craftsmanship and innovative textile technique with an intricately detailed, elegantly offbeat signature look, creating some of the most unique, and widely coveted items in the world.

A cheese-like tote bag with a punchy hole is a mysterious and convenient bag that is designed to put your hand in the pocket of the coat with the bag on your shoulder. No. 4 canvas with a strong and rustic texture is used for the fabric. In the hole reminiscent of the pores that can be made in cheese, you can enjoy the arrangement you like, such as tying bandanas or wearing sunglasses. Tote bag with excellent functionality, with a plastic bottle holder inside.


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