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Garbstore Scarves & Gloves MULTI / O/S DYAD NECKWARMER
Garbstore Scarves & Gloves MULTI / O/S DYAD NECKWARMER
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Garbstore isn't the first brand to trade in repurposed vintage, and they certainly won’t be the last, but there is a very good reason why the brand stands out in such a crowded field. Garbstore’s garments are set apart by an unparalleled devotion to both the construction and history of their pieces.

The brand calls this blend of vintage materials, historical construction techniques, and contemporary sensibility “unfamiliar vintage.” We think that timeless style and top quality construction make the name a bit beside the point.

Crafted in the heart of the Midlands of England from a rib knitted merino blend, vintage sportswear and casual fabrics and styles are combined with traditional knitting techniques to create a Winter masterpiece. 

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