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South2 West8 T-Shirts SS CREW NECK TEE
South2 West8 T-Shirts SS CREW NECK TEE
South2 West8 T-Shirts SS CREW NECK TEE
South2 West8 T-Shirts SS CREW NECK TEE


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From their humble beginnings as a storefront and fly-fishing outfitter in Sapporo, Japan, to their evolution and global acclaim as an official clothing label, Kaname Nagaoka’s South2 West8 has always been, first and foremost, a leisure and lifestyle brand centered around Tenkara. Meaning “from the sky” or “from heaven”, Tenkara is a traditional, minimalist form of Japanese fly-fishing requiring only a rod, line and fly. So, of course, dressing appropriately for the activity is key. 

Now part of the enigmatic and diverse Nepenthes brand umbrella, South2 West8 still specialize in the appropriate apparel for that weekend fishing trip, but now that their utilitarian style has transcended the streams and been championed by fans in both city and country, the brand has expanded its scope to include some more modern designs in its collection... still inspired by the simpler side of life. 

Classic Print T-Shirt. The Material Is A Mixture Of 65% Polyester And 35% Cotton And Has Excellent Quick-Drying Properties. The Loose-Fitting Size Makes It Comfortable And Comfortable To Wear. This T-Shirt Is Perfect For The Coming Summer Season.

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  • 65% Polyester
  • 35 % Cotton
  • Made In Japan
Size ((cm) Length Width Shoulder Sleeve
S 69 58
45 24
M 72
L 75


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