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Powers Hoodies & Sweatshirts ARCH HOODIE
Powers Hoodies & Sweatshirts ARCH HOODIE


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Designer/illustrator Eric Elms, known for his work with some heavy-hitting names in contemporary streetwear, has established his own label based in L.A., named for the Brooklyn street that his studio is located on. With a Elms’ fondness for creative freedom, Powers Supply comes from authentic and open creativity, as opposed to a strict template throughout the creative process. Elms' signature designs are universal, but the availability of Powers is limited to select locations around the world, making it highly desirable and exclusive in the land of streetwear.

This Fall, Elms presents a graphic-filled collection that fuses various text types and futuristic designs. Equipped with new t-shirts, hoodies, and caps, the collection is classically simple, with a touch of abstract.

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