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Needles Bottoms TRACK PANT
Needles Bottoms TRACK PANT
Needles Bottoms TRACK PANT
Needles Bottoms TRACK PANT


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Born out of a love for U.S. -made goods, Keizo Shimizu’s in-house Nepenthes label raises Americana to joyful and imaginative heights in a way that only an outside perspective could pull off. Playfully pushing the envelope of vintage workwear, casual clothing, and military, Needles takes inspiration from American pop culture and the fashion movements that are intertwined within it - whether it be ivy, hippy dippy, or grunge - but always finds a way to leave an original impression.

Look! It's a pair of sweatpants! No, its a formal pair of slacks! No! It's the Track Pant from Needles, blending leisure and luxe with a relaxed construction, an elegant print, and those sharp pleats. 

  • 100% Polyester
  • Elasticated Waist
  • 2 Side Pockets
  • Back Pocket
  • Embroidered Branding
  • Made in Japan
 SIZE Waist Rise Inseam Thigh
S 28in 11.5in 29in 11in
M 30in 11.75in 29.5in 12in
L 32in 12in 30.75in 12.5in
XL 34in 12.5in 31.5in 12.75in


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