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Neighborhood Headwear WHITE / O/S SRL . TRUCKER / EC-CAP
Neighborhood Headwear WHITE / O/S SRL . TRUCKER / EC-CAP
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Neighborhood was originally conceived as part of founder Shinsuke Takizawa’s motorcycle enthusiast interests; the lack of motorcycle apparel that was suitably functional and fashionable spurred Takizawa to create his own label.

Neighborhood’s mix of technical expertise, luxury construction standards, and classic utilitarian and subculture aesthetics made the brand a cornerstone of modern streetwear.

We can neither confirm nor deny the existence of an underground laboratory beneath the streets of Tokyo, where Shinsuke Takizawa and a team of researchers harvest top secret fashion technology.

  • 6-Panel Construction
  • Graphic Print at Front
  • Adjustable Fastening at Back
  • 65% Polyester 35% Cotton
  • Made in Japan
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