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Hender Scheme Karabiner Black
Hender Scheme Karabiner Black
Hender Scheme Karabiner Black


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The concept of reimagining wardrobe staples utilizing the highest quality materials and superior craftsmanship is the philosophical basis of modern, Japanese fashion. While this starting point can go in any number of directions, no brand has taken the idea of combining modern style with traditional artistry to its logical conclusion quite like Hender Scheme.

One of the most unique brands in the world, Hender Scheme's artisan creations are made with masterful, precision construction, from raw leather that is intended to naturally age and patina with wear, giving each individual piece a wholly unique look over time.

A new array of Hender Scheme accessories brings the brand's distinctive sense of refinement to every day, practical pieces, as rugged, functional bags, computer cases, camera straps and wallets are detailed with the artisan craftsmanship of Hender Scheme leather. 

  • Made in Japan 
  • Natural cow leather tag
  • Three keyring sizes 
  • Buckle Length: 7cm
  • Buckle Width: 2cm
  • Pendant Diameter: 5cm


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