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x Brain Dead BOSEY BOOT OX





On a purely superficial level, it might seem like cohesively intertwining the reality warping ethos of Brain Dead with the tried and true style of Converse is a particularly trying hill to climb. Fortunately, there's nothing superfical about Brain Dead or Converse. 

A critical aspect of what makes Converse so tried and true is the willingness of their iconic silhouettes to embrace what was once unimaginable. Unless anyone was there as a witness, it's impossible to say with 100% certainty, but we can be reasonably sure that Chuck Taylor wasn't driving around selling All-Stars in the early 1920s with things like punk, grunge, skateboarding, or streetwear in mind. 

The genius of Brain Dead lies in making the abstract into reality. For their latest collaboration with Converse, Brain Dead make the abstract idea of Converse as a pliable, aesthetic raw material into physical, expectation subverting form. 

The Bosey is a silhouette with comparatively obscure origins; it is actually based on a 1940s era wading boot. The utilitarian roots provide a germ of inspiration, to an otherwise wholly modernized remodel featuring a layered upper, cable lacing and reinforced padded collar. 

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