Converse x Undercover CT70 OX Black Converse x Undercover CT70 OX Black Converse x Undercover CT70 OX Black

x Undercover CT70 OX


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Undercover’s 2001: A Space Odyssey themed Fall/Winter collection has masterfully captured the spirit of Stanley Kubric’s futuristic vision. The key to 2001’s stunningly prescient speculation was Kubric’s decision to employ real life professionals from science/technology disciplines to extrapolate future possibilities based on the state of the art circa 1968.

Undercover’s Space Odyssey inspiration carries over into a collaborative release with Converse, as one of the ultimate examples in practical longevity books a seat on a Pan Am Orion III.

The design of the Chuck Taylor has remained more or less unchanged for over a century. It isn’t just familiar; it’s iconic. A “futuristic” version of the shoe that added B-movie UFO silver and multicolored blinking lights would be kitsch. Complimenting the classic, canvas upper with tonal laces, a contrast toe bumper, and utilitarian ‘order’ ‘disorder’ text on the rubber toecaps creates a vision of a timeless design that seamlessly enters into 2001’s reality.

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