Adidas x EA Sports MUFC JERSEY Black/Yellow Adidas x EA Sports MUFC JERSEY Black/Yellow Adidas x EA Sports MUFC JERSEY Black/Yellow




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Every soccer fan has probably been on the receiving end of the joke at least once, even fans of fantastically wealthy mega clubs going through a dry spell.

Q: “What does a [fill in the blank] fan do after they win the league?”

A: “Turns off FIFA and goes to bed.”

Thankfully, there’s a new connection between the goings on in the digital world of EA Sports’ ultra-popular FIFA game and real life, one that’s good for something other than eliciting groans.

Electronic Arts Sports and Adidas have teamed up to bring alternate shirt designs taken from the game’s FIFA Ultimate Team packs, into the physical world. The limited edition designs draw on the histories of a selection of the game’s most iconic clubs as inspiration, but traditional design goes the way of the W-M formation, in favor of radical, conceptual all-over designs.

A bold, leopard print design evokes the ability to adapt to changing environments, an essential skill for a game as fluid as soccer. Over the years, Manchester United have demonstrated this particular ability more than most, as the loss of one prominent player or another, Best, Moran, McGrath, Hughes, Robson, Ince, Cantona, Keane, Scholes, Giggs, Ronaldo, etc., was certain to finish the club’s chances, only to see the Red Devils right back in the thick of contention.

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