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Crep Cleaners N/A / O/S X BODEGA CREP
Crep Cleaners N/A / O/S X BODEGA CREP
Crep Cleaners N/A / O/S X BODEGA CREP


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The world can be a filthy place, and not just in a waxing philosophical way. It almost feels like the universe has it out for sneakers. That’s a bit paranoid though. In reality, the random, chaotic workings of the cosmos are one hundred percent indifferent to the condition of your shoes. The average day offers a seemingly infinite number of ways to soil, stain, and just generally ruin the pristine condition of your carefully chosen, always fashionable, favorite sneakers.

When we say seemingly infinite, we mean it too. Disaster lurks behind even the most innocent facades. Everyone loves pizza, right? All it takes is for gravity to do its thing with one dollop of sauce too close to the front of the slice, and your white shoes have been Jackson Pollocked with zesty flavor. Not to mention, now you look like you can’t even handle one of the simplest foods imaginable without making a mess. How about a spring shower that wasn’t in the forecast? Lovely, unless you’re wearing suede, now it looks like you tried to put your shoes in the dryer or something. There are just too many scenarios to name, all of them bad.

What’s a concerned sneaker fan to do about the world of schmutz out there? Crep Protect. Crep Protect spray creates a barrier against moisture and stains meant to keep your shoes looking dignified rather than befouled as they age. 

We can stop schmutz in our lifetime.

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