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Jason Markk Cleaners O/S 30PK QUICK WIPES
Jason Markk Cleaners O/S 30PK QUICK WIPES


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You go through life looking out for your sneakers. You check the weather reports, avoid falling food, splashing mud, dusty paths, and the other myriad potential disfigurements of your precious footwear that modern life can throw in front of you. Accidents can’t be avoided forever though. So, what happens when an unsightly blemish has besmirched your otherwise pristine shoes? Jason Markk happens.

Jason Markk cleaning products are a foaming cleaning solution derived from natural oils. They do not contain abrasive chemicals, making them safe to use across the entire range of sneaker materials.

One side of the wipe contains small blue dots which offers a slight abrasiveness and comes in handy when working out tougher stains - while the softer white side is great for general cleaning.

NOTE: This product is not to be used on suede and/or nubuck.
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