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Series by Bodega: 1992 Polo Stadium Collection

Bodega partnered with Ralph Lauren to present an immersive retrospective exhibition at Series by Bodega focusing on the reintroduction of the Polo Stadium ’92 Collection.

RL Marsh Coat White/Navy - $495
RL SSKC CMSLM1 Aviator Navy Multi - $225
1992 WB RL 2000 Red - $295
RL 1992 Popover multi color - $195
SSKCCMSLM4 Ralph Red/Aviator navy - $125
Gear Cap Ralph White - $50
Gear Cap Ralph Red - $50

The collection will release at September 21st at Series by Bodega. The release will be available through in-store raffle only. The raffle will start Saturday (9/16) and continue through Tuesday (9/19), entries are limited to one per customer and can only be submitted through our physical store located at 6 Clearway Street Boston, MA. Winners will be selected and contacted on Wednesday (9/20), the first 10 winners will have the opportunity to purchase the entire collection while each winner thereafter will be allowed to purchase up to three items (each of which must be of a different style).