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4/1/19: Reebok x Atmos Fly Mobius

Release Info: Available Now

As a general rule, the stylistic and design evolution that took place over the course of the 90s arrived at ‘bigger’ and ‘bolder.’ Sneakers were no exception. Simple racers, rounded ‘space shuttle’ running shoes and classic court silhouettes gave way to aggressive reinterpretations, but nowhere was the impact greater than on the basketball court. The 90s completely redefined the idea of how a basketball shoe could look and should look.

Reebok were a driving force behind this development, as models like the Shaqnosis, Shawn Kemp’s signature Kamikaze, and The Blast, combined a beefed up, technology housing construction, sleek curves and wavy paneling designs that encompassed the entirety of the upper.

The Mobius is a recent addition to the Reebok catalogue, based on an unreleased 1995 prototype, inspired by the outsized aesthetic of these 90s basketball classics. A collaborative effort with influential Tokyo retailers atmos outfits the Mobius in a luxurious military design, as the shoe’s wavy paneling is rendered in olive green and khaki premium suede with black accents, resulting in a stylish, modernized camouflage look.

Reebok x Atmos Mobius
Retail: $140