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10/14/17: Jordan x Just Don Shorts

Jordan x Just Don Shorts MU 448
Retail: $250

Jordan x Just Don Shorts UNC 100
Retail: $250

Jordan x Just Don Shorts MW 419
Retail: $250

Jordan x Just Don Shorts MW 728
Retail: $250

Release Date: Saturday, October 14, 2017
Available in-store only at 11am EST on a first come, first serve basis. 

The Jordan Brand and Just Don have come together to release an apparel collaboration deemed the Jordan x Just Don Collegiate Collection. Throughout the late ‘70’s, players traditionally wore shorts that rose well above the knee. This was done so that players would not get tripped up by the extra fabric on the shorts and it would not get in their way during crossovers.

Jordan demanded a baggier fit, and once he got them, the rest of the sport soon followed. By 1993, the “Fab Five” adopted the look, and baggy shorts were here to stay.

Thanks to Don C’s work over at Just Don, basketball shorts with the 1990’s silhouette and aesthetic are met with updated details and incredible construction, done through bold colors and graphics to create shorts that are so lavish.