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3/16/18: Adidas PW Hu Holi NMD MC

Adidas PW Hu Holi NMD MC 
Retail: $250

Release Date: Friday, March 16, 2018
Available through in-store raffle at our both our Boston and Los Angeles locations and online via raffle as well. Raffle starts Monday (3/12) and ends Thursday (3/15) at 4PM EST at our Boston location and 4PM PST at our Los Angeles location. Entry is free and limited to one per customer. Winners will be contacted via E-Mail/Text. 

Inspired by the Hindu Holi Festival of Colors celebrated in India, Pharrell and Adidas have created a collection full of eye catching color and design. The festival may ring most familiar in the minds of Westerners by the use of colored powder being thrown, patted, and slapped onto individuals clad in clean white threads. The origins of the festival itself are ancient, as in predating Christianity old, and have been molded over time. Bonfires across the nation of
India are lit the night before the festival, and come morning an explosion of celebration and color commences.

The collection is powder-dyed in true fashion of the Holi Festival, and each piece is one of a kind as such.

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