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8/27/21: Nike Air Presto "What The"


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Release Info: Friday, August 27, 2021
Available online at 10am EST on a first come, first served basis.


Thanks to the visually pleasing simplicity of its design, and the ‘t-shirt for your feet’ marketing tagline that introduced the shoe, the Air Presto enjoys something of a laid-back reputation, but in actuality, the Presto was built on disruption.


Originally conceived in response to a particularly ill-fitting runner distributed at a 1996 production meeting, the prototype for what would become the Presto underwent four years of development before the perfect formula of V-notch collar, stretchable in every direction spacer mesh, and just the right amount of external support structure was perfected. The Presto name was inspired by the almost magical feeling of the perfect fit.


For the Air Presto's "What The" Nike combines all 13 of its original colorways and spreads them across both shoes for a disconcerting combination of colors and patterns.


Sizes offered (US sizing):
Adult (Mens) -


Nike Air Presto
Nike Air Presto
Nike Air Presto
Nike Air Presto


Nike Air Presto "What The" ($130)