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8/24/18: Adidas x C.P. Company Collection

Adidas x C.P. Company Collection

Adidas x C.P Company Explorer Jacket (DRKCAR) - $735
Adidas x C.P. Company Kamanda (MII SUPCOL/SUPCOL/SUPCOL) - $400
Adidas x C.P Company Hoodie (CORANG) - $205
Adidas x C.P. Company Kamanda (NGTCAR/BASGRN/TRACAR) - $160
Adidas x C.P. Company Marathon (CBLACK/CBLACK/CROYAL) - $160
Adidas x C.P. Company Samba (DKBLUE/NGTSKY/DPURPL) - $130
Adidas x C.P. Company Samba (CGRANI/OWHITE/OWHITE) - $130
Adidas x C.P. Company Tobacco (STBRIC/REDNIT/SURRED) - $110 
Adidas x C.P Company Tee (CGRANI) - $80

Release Date: Friday, August 24, 2018
Available online at 10am EST and at our Boston location at 11am EST. The Adidas x C.P Company Collection will also be available at our Los Angeles location at 11am PST on a first come, first served basis. 

To lead the modern terrace conversation,  adidas Originals and C.P. Company collaborate on an innovative new collaboration forged in UK football and terrace culture. For years, devoted fans have paired the two brands on the terraces. For Fall Winter 2018, they come together in the studio.

Brought together by a mutual commitment to quality and innovation, adidas Originals and C.P. Company rework iconic pieces. The result is  a  collection  of  garments  that  effortlessly  pass  the  acid  test  for  all  classic  casual wear:  they  change  the  way  you  walk.  Or,  as  Lorenzo  puts  best,  “They  make  you  express  outside  how  you  feel  inside.”