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8/15/20: Nike Air Max 90


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Release Info: Saturday, August 15, 2020
Available online at 10am EST on a first come, first served basis.


When it comes to expressing a certain kind of daring, next level aggressiveness, athletic performance and ‘90s sportswear design tend to draw from the same category of metaphor, the primal, natural world. Exhortations like get in touch with your wild side or unleash the beast suggested that severing the links to the artificial constraints of civilization was the key to maximizing your performance.


That might being going a little far, as far as the latest Air Max 90 is concerned, but it really is only a little. With the Air Max 90 animal pack, exotic textures and materials are employed, as pony hair suede, ostrich print and crocodile textured leather cover an understated, tonal colorway in the proverbial wild side. Finishing touches include TPU overlays, for a touch of traditional performance grounding, and a mismatched Swoosh application, which outfits one side with a contrasting flash of color.


Sizes offered (U.S men's sizing):
Adult -



Nike Air Max 90
Retail: $140