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8/13/20: Nike Flow 2020 ISPA SE


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Release Info: Thursday, August 13, 2020
Available online at 10am EST on a first come, first served basis.


Short for Improvise, Scavenge, Protect, Adapt, ISPA recognizes that the demands placed on both gear and wearer by not only the urban environment but the often-hectic urban lifestyle, create a state of constant flux. As opposed to the problem solving of pure athletic performance, where the design is channeled towards a single minded goal, like achieving the fastest possible run time, ISPA anticipates these near-countless, unique problems that need to be solved over the length of an entire day.


The uninhibited experimentalism of ISPA incorporates cutting edge innovation as part of a larger whole, where established creations and even wildly reimagined archival elements are all tasked with the goal of maximum performance and utility, in human created environments. The latest ISPA collections introduce radical new silhouettes, which place a particular focus on React and Air Zoom cushioning and Dri-Fit fabric. Sophisticated, technical flexibility, for a life lived looking forward.


If Nike’s greatest pure sport innovations are driven by the edges of athletic potential, like Eluid Kipchoge’s effort to break the 2-hour marathon barrier, ISPA finds potential for lifestyle innovation from solving problems for extreme daily use. In summer heat, balancing stability and style with breathability is difficult. But by stripping down to the essentials, the ISPA Flow 2020 adapts to the unexpected.


The shoe is inspirited by extreme sports athletes who take a DIY approach to maximizing their equipment. Colloquially known as gram shavers, these athletes are constantly trimming down to the bare necessities. In the Flow, all-day footwear is brought to its most lightweight and breathable through a perforated outsole that allows internal intake of airflow. Think of it like walking on a cooling breeze.


Study of common heat maps of the human foot informed where hotspots are most likely to occur. Working with generative design engineers, the framework for both the outsole and an open weave mono mesh was formed.


It’s ISPA process at its nerdiest… all in service of creating ISPA footwear at its coolest.


Sizes offered (U.S men's sizing):
Adult -



Nike Flow 2020 ISPA SE
Retail: $180