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7/26/19: Nike HUA-Type

Release Info: Available Now

When Nike debuted the Huarache back in 1991, they took their first bold steps into the deconstructed shoe revolution. The release, which was modeled and named after a sandal worn by indigenous people of Central America, was the lightest and most comfortable creation in Nike’s portfolio– and despite its ancient origins, one of the most futuristic shoes of its time. 

After a recent resurgence of Huarache releases and a its continued proven popularity among the public, Nike’s new line, N.354, has decided to take the classic silhouette and redress it with new materials for a bricolage feel and an even more deconstructed look.

N.354 is a new division at Nike that takes on blast-from-the-past designs, reimagining them with fresh and experimental new perspectives, resulting in bold updates of classic constructions.

And so it is with the new Huarache Type. Taking the original oddball design and stripping it down even further, the revamp implements new materials like a neoprene tongue, textured lace cage, Velcro strap and a ballistic nylon pull tab. A Swoosh symbol appears to be sewn on over the toe, while the seemingly handwritten N.354 gives the perception of an individually numbered product. 

Following the initial release of the white HUA-Type, N.354 has gone with it's inverse, delivering a stealthy black colorway with pink and green accents. The color change alone makes them all the more dangerous looking. 

Nike HUA-Type
Retail: $130