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7/26/19: Nike AF1-Type

Release Info: Available Now

Nike’s newest in-house design line, N. 354, is taking classic silhouettes from yesteryear and updating them with a fresh, new deconstructed look that is both experimentally modern and sentimentally reverent.

Once again taking on the great Air Force 1 and rendering it just barely recognizable, think of it as the AF1 in its blueprint stage if it was left at the cutting room floor and finished off with whatever was in the scrap drawer.

With minimal branding and a bricolage spirit, the redux adventurously and eccentrically modifies the iconic pioneer of Air technology and updates it in new materials. A black Velcro strap with pink accents coexist with a gold and black logo, both adorning the heel, while a translucent panel houses the Swoosh, alongside exposed stitching, padded tongue and a seemingly handwritten N. 354 giving off the perception of a personally numbered product.

Nike AF1-Type
Retail: $140