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7/20/19: Puma Cell Alien Space Agency

Release Info: Available Now

Space. Depending on which iconic science fiction title you consult, it could be the final frontier; it could be where no one can hear you scream. Either way, the point is, anything can happen up there. Puma’s latest footwear pack may be space-centric, but it’s not speculative fiction; the Space Explorer pack celebrates the real life, intrepid space explorers of NASA.

Two futuristic silhouettes, the Cell Alien and the RS-X are decked out in outer space ready colorways, with the RS-X featuring a mesh and leather silver upper reminiscent of the early space suits from the Mercury and Gemini programs, with a red, white and blue midsole, sporting a prominent NASA logo. The Cell Alien opts for a colorway celebrating space itself, with a black upper featuring iridescent details, and a multi colored, speckled midsole.

Puma Cell Alien Space Agency
Retail: $100