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7/19/19: Nike Air Ghost Racer

Release Info: Available Now

Head down to the nearest sporting goods store, or more likely in 2019, open a new tab and start browsing for running shoes, not lifestyle shoes, but the shoes people actually go running in. Would you be able to keep track of them all, twenty years later? Not likely. Athletic performance is not a sentimental field. Once the next technological leap comes along, that’s game over for all but the most enduringly popular stalwarts.

Nike delves deep into its archives to add one of these unjustly forgotten models to the ranks of the retro running models enjoying a new wave of appreciation. When the Air Ghost Racer debuted in 1998, it was billed as a lightweight and low cost shoe for long distance and marathon running. A mesh, leather and TPU overlay upper, Duralon BRS-1000 midsole, Zoom Air heel, and carbon fiber styled inlays at the arch and heel weighed in at just 7.9 ounces, hence the Ghost name.

Performance technology has evolved since the Air Ghost Racer last walked amongst the living, but the vibrant colorways and aggressive, turn of the millennium ready styling: curves, waves, cut out paneling, scaled down branding, will have no trouble catching eyes and getting back on feet in 2019.

Nike Air Ghost Racer
Retail: $130