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7/1/19: Nike Women's Vandalized LX

Release Info: SOLD OUT

The Nike Vandal saw a welcomed return to the brand’s queue late last year and has been receiving a series of creative facelifts ever since. This new one may be the most drastic iteration yet.

Continuing down Nike’s path of deconstructionist revamps, this women’s-only release is a stark and stylized take on “design table” chic. It was the shoe that made its pop culture debut on Doc Brown’s feet in “Back to the Future,” and now, in a similar spirit, this reimagining also merges the past with the future.

Less is more on this one with minimal stitching securing the barren layered components. The color strap that once defined the shoe is gone, as is the option for any shoelaces. The only closure that you’ll get with this sneaker is with the single toggle on the tongue of each foot. The natural color palette is interrupted only subtly, with the red and blue that alternate from shoe to shoe on the insoles/outsoles.

Nike Women's Vandalized LX
Retail: $130