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6/27/20: Dr. Martens x Pleasures 1460


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Release Info: June 27, 2020
Available online at 10am EST on a first come, first served basis.


The series of 60th anniversary, collaborative 1460 releases sees Dr. Martens and Pleasures combine to celebrate two of the iconic boot's most enduring subcultural stomping grounds, punk and new wave.


Although spawned from the same year 0 rejection of the bloated pompousness that had reached critical mass in rock music by the mid '70s, the divergent paths of punk and new wave could sometimes lead to friction. The uncompromising, naked aggression of punk often bristled at the polished pop edges, softer fashions and electronic sounds of new wave. In turn, New Wavers often viewed their punk counterparts as fundamentalists who had painted themselves into a corner with a lot unnecessary and arbitrary rules.


The Dr. Martens x Pleasures 1460 is a much more harmonious union of punk and new wave, as half and half upper construction features the dramatic gloss of patent leather and no-nonsense unpolished leather. The contrasting styles are also represented by Pleasures branded heel strip and metal hook eyelets.



Dr. Martens x Pleasures 1460
Retail: $170