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6/22/19: adidas x Hender Scheme ZX 4000 4D

Release Info: Saturday, June 22, 2019
The adidas x Hender Scheme ZX 4000 4D will be available through in-store raffle at our Boston location. The adidas x Hender Scheme ZX 4000 4D will also be available through online raffle. The in-store Boston raffle starts Wednesday (6/19) and ends Thursday (6/20). The Boston in-store raffle will start at 10am EST and close at 5PM. The online raffle starts Wednesday (6/19) and ends Thursday (6/20). The online raffle will start at 10am EST and close at 5pm EST. Entry is free and limited to one per customer. Winners will be contacted via E-Mail.

At the base of the two new pairs lies the high-performance 4D midsole, the first of its kind to utilize Digital Light Synthesis technology. The result is a lattice-like midsole created from light, air and liquid, taking the form of over 20,000 struts that can be individually tuned to maximize control on energy return. Upon these foundations sit uppers crafted from both adidas Primeknit textiles and Hender Scheme leather. While across both pairs the 4D sole retains its distinctive green coloring, the uppers of one pair take on a monochromatic, blacked-out look, and the other pair sports more classic ‘ZX’ colors: metallic grey, crystalline white and top-stitched red compliment the distinctive patina of Hender Scheme’s nude leather. Kashiwazaki was mindful of the more prominent role branding and logos play in the world of sneakers, compared to more formal footwear styles. Co-branding therefore appears on both shoes, albeit in a very discreet way in an effort to bridge the two worlds. On the black pair the Hender Scheme logo is subtly embossed on the tongue and the adidas logo at the head of the eyestay; on the white pair the same technique is used, though with the logos switching locations.

adidas x Hender Scheme ZX 4000 4D
Retail: $350

Bodega employs the practice of randomized computer-generated raffles to ensure the public of a completely fair chance of winning the opportunity to purchase a quickstrike release.

Our in-store raffles are hosted at both our Boston or Los Angeles location and entrants must physically enter the raffle via our in-store tablet or designated computer device/s. Raffle hours and further details are included in the descriptions of quickstrike products on the “Releases” page of our site 1 entry per person.

Our online raffles are hosted on individual quickstrike product posts on the Releases page of our site There will be a widget at the top of the page specifically for entering raffles, as well as additional release info.

In the case in which we have an in-store AND online raffle running simultaneously for a quickstrike product, you are welcome to enter both to increase your chances of winning.

Each location (Boston, L.A., Online) will have their own batches of winners pulled. Once the raffle is over, the winners will receive an email notification to reserve their product to purchase.

If you won the online raffle, you then have until midnight of the actual release date to pay the direct invoice you will be sent via email as a winner.

If you have won the in-store raffle, you have until the end of the release date posted to pick up in-store with proper picture ID

*Bodega has the sole right to use discretion if there is an unforeseen circumstance with a winner