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5/31/19: adidas Consortium x Oyster Holdings Samba

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“Traveling is a sport.” The motto of Los Angeles based lifestyle label Oyster Holdings carries more than one implication. First, the physical realities of traveling, namely limited space and time, necessitate specialized equipment, as much as the demands of any sport would. Second, as with sport, meeting the challenges of traveling should possess an element of joy and fun, otherwise, who would bother to do it except when absolutely, unavoidably necessary?

The latest collaborative effort from Adidas and Oyster Holdings interprets the Oyster slogan somewhat literally, with the World Traveler’s Cup collection, which imagines versatile, essential pieces from the Adidas archive as brightly colored team liveries, drawn from the countless, iconic World Cup and Olympic outfits produced by Adidas over the years.

Basics like track tops and bottoms, soccer inspired shorts, t-shirts, polos, outerwear and duffle bags combine the retro style that made Adidas a fashion fixture with functional twists like ripstop construction, water repellency, and in the case of the jacket and duffle, space saving, packable transformation capabilities. The combination of timelessness and practicality maximize the versatility of these pieces, while minimizing the amount of individual items required to meet all the potential needs of traveling.

The collection’s footwear operates in the same vein. The ultimate three stripes icon, the Samba, features premium leather and ripstop fabric, with gold detailing, sockliner passport stamps and an old-school athletic icon style Oyster Holdings logo. The versatility of the Samba is ramped up further with the inclusion of seven different colored lace options.

adidas Consortium x Oyster Holdings Samba
Retail: $130