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5/30/19: Nike Shox R4 / Neymar Jr.

Release Info: Available Now

The original Nike Shox hit shelves in the year 2000, when Paris Saint-Germain’s big goal scoring threats were Christian and Laurent Robert. In spite of predating Neymar’s professional soccer career by nearly a decade, the aggressively futuristic, visually arresting design has a natural affinity with the human highlight reel style of the PSG and Brazil luminary.

A Neymar Jr. branded, special edition of the Shox R4, which outfits the layered upper construction and signature columns with a vibrant, watermelon inspired colorway, combines the star forward’s childhood fascination with the Shox, with an element of his day to day reality, the bustling market stalls of Sao Paulo.

Nike Shox R4 / Neymar Jr.
Retail: $150