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5/11/19: Lebron 16

Release Info: Saturday, May 11, 2019
Available online at 10am EST and in-store at our Los Angeles location at 11am PST on a first come, first served basis.

This past September, Nike paired up with Harlem's Fashion Row, to release a women's exclusive edition of the LeBron 16. A blink and you missed it sellout, reportedly about five minutes, made the elegant reworking of LeBron's current season signature model widely an instantly coveted item. 

The success of the shoe didn't just constitute a retail coup, but a conceptual one. Harlem's Fashion Row, a design collective committed to advancing opportunities for fashion industry professionals of color, contributed three designers, Fe Noel, Kimberly Goldson, and Undra Celeste to the collaboration. 

The collaborative design is revisited for Spring, with a timely, vibrant, colorway, which sees the LeBron specific BattleKnit 2.0 upper outfitted in bright citron. The seasonal palette is emphasized by the distinctive features of the redesign, a leather ankle strap and a detailed, three-dimensional rendering of the lion head that adorns the Lebron 16's heel, bring the royal associations of the 'King James' moniker to life.

Lebron 16
Retail: $225