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4/18/19: Converse JW Anderson Chuck 70 Hi

Release Date: Available Now

If you aren’t familiar with JW Anderson, the praise meted out from across the fashion world is liable to cause whiplash. Traditional, classic, heritage in one breath, innovative, gender blurring, individualistic, forward thinking in the next, but, in practice, it becomes readily apparent as to how these seemingly parallel tracks flow into one another.

The convergence of artfully crafted elegance and wearable, every day realism is the centerpiece of JW Anderson’s latest collaborative piece with Converse, an American flag emblazoned, Chuck Taylor high top. The grid pattern JW Anderson text branding seen on the brand’s previous Converse project is applied to the bolder styling of the asymmetric, American flag design seen here, effectively overlaying JW Anderson’s idiosyncratic refinement on top of this confident, reckless abandon.

Converse JW Anderson Chuck 70 Hi
Retail: $120