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4/6/19: Puma x Overkill Cell Venom

Release Info: Available Now

Maybe it was the decades of being an epicenter for Cold War espionage and mutually assured destruction paranoia, but there’s something about a matter of fact expression of terrible danger that, as an aesthetic, especially suits Berlin. Case in point, Berlin boutique Overkill’s latest collaborative project with Puma. The “Radiant Venom.”

The shoe’s design is centered around a post apocalyptic concept, part Y2K, part 99 Luftballons, involving computer software errors launching nuclear missiles. While most things living and non-living alike would emerge from such a scenario worse for wear, the Cell Venom silhouette has done alright. Overkill’s radioactive take on the silhouette outfits the layered mesh/leather/suede upper in white, tones of blue, and a hazardous materials ready neon yellow, with reflective accents and a radiation warning icon graphic on the insole adding an extra, apocalyptic edge.

Puma x Overkill Cell Venom
Retail: $130