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4/20/19: Adidas Consortium x Alexander Wang Women's AW Bball

Release Info: Available Now

From the flipped Adidas trefoil logo that serves as the central, visual identity of the Alexander Wang imprint, to the individual themes of production errors, alternate dimensions and acid house culture, the Adidas x Alexander Wang collection has explored themes of subverting the familiar and mechanical imperfection, since its debut as a recurring collaborative project.

For Spring 2019, the nuts and bolts of fabrication are left behind the curtain, as Adidas x Alexander Wang stake out new aesthetic territory. The place of sneakers and so-called athleisure clothing in the larger stylistic landscape is examined, and reexamined, with the Club Leisure collection.

When sneakers and sportswear were a burgeoning but still firmly subcultural concern, wearing sneakers or track bottoms, no matter how good they looked, no matter how exclusive and difficult to obtain, meant instant disqualification from entering any sort of club establishment with a dress code. Now that the athleisure aesthetic is not just accepted, not just desirable, but a flat out irresistible force in contemporary fashion, Alexander Wang has fun at the expense of the malleable standards of acceptability with a new collection that reimagines the height of sport performance driven dressing down, the workout gear of the late 80s and early 90s, think spandex, crop tops, tanks, sweats and tees, with a generous dose of bold branding, as modern club wear.

The Club Leisure collection’s footwear mirrors this approach with some of the most traditional, visual presentations of Alexander Wang’s avant garde leaning footwear silhouettes seen to date.


Retail: $250