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4/26/19: Adidas x Donald Glover NIZZA DG

Release Info: Friday, April 26, 2019
Available in-store at both our Boston and Los Angeles locations at 11am local time on a first come, first served basis.

Adidas have teamed up with multi-field, critically acclaimed artist/actor/writer/comedian, Donald Glover, but don’t call it a collaboration. In contrast to the hype-driven exclusivity that defines the vast majority of contemporary sneaker releases, Donald Glover’s vision is based around a status quo challenging sense accessibility and inclusivity.

Donald Glover’s sharp, classic, yet deceptively unpretentious sense of style is reflected in the choice of Adidas silhouettes utilized in this cooperative effort: the canvas/vulcanized rubber leisure model, the Nizza, and an indoor court classic in the Continental 80.

An understated sophisticated design sensibility featuring canvas uppers rendered in a tonal, off-white, colorway with raw, frayed edges and minimalist branding sees the offhand elegance of deconstruction converge with the sincerity and authenticity that can only come with regular use. By subverting the “mint condition/box fresh” fetishism that pervades sneaker culture, Adidas and Donald Glover usher in a new era of un-hype, where what makes special releases special isn’t the prospect of a commodities trading transaction.

Adidas x Donald Glover NIZZA DG
Retail: $80