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4/15/19: Reebok x MISBHV Daytona DMX

Release Info: Available Now

M I S B H V is the brainchild of Warsaw based designer Natalia Maczek. A blend of subculture influences and DIY spirit, sophisticated, avant garde aesthetics, and luxury level construction has made M I S B H V one of the industry’s rising stars. The label’s growth from customized tees and sweats to a full-fledged, ready to wear line has made waves throughout the streetwear scene, culminating in their first ever footwear collaboration, with Reebok.

The Daytona DMX silhouette was both ahead of its time and historically underappreciated compared to some of its contemporaries, but with the Daytona’s recent revival providing long overdue recognition, the Daytona is ripe for a makeover. M I S B H V channels the visually radical, essentially functional ethos of brutalist architecture structures like the Smolna 8 building in Warsaw or the Forum Hotel in Krakow. The familiar, 90s tech running shape of the Daytona is hidden behind a translucent, mesh shroud, which zips down to unveil a redesigned lacing structure. Reflective accents, raised, clear logo hits, and an icy, neutral colorway complete this distinctive reinterpretation.

Reebok x MISBHV Daytona DMX
Retail: $330