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4/13/19: Adidas Consortium x Overkill ZX 10,000 C

Release Info: Available Now

When Adidas Consortium introduced the new. ZX 10000C silhouette, they brought in original designer Jacques Chassaing to pick up where the ZX 9000 left off in 1989. The ZX 10000C is no ordinary shoe; this is an authentic, modern day heir to the legendary ZX line

A collaborative take on the ZX 10000C, produced with Berlin boutique Overkill, introduces this latter day addition to the family to an integral part of the ZX range’s history, which would be the completely non-running related adoption of the shoe by style conscious, street fashion connoisseurs.

The ‘Game Overkill’ ZX 10000C leans into its turn of the 1990s background, with a design that celebrates the era’s video game platforms. Cool grey, console tones are accented with vibrant magenta webbed tape stripes and blue detailing reminiscent of controller buttons. And, if you’re still questioning the need for high performance running shoes for video gaming, just try getting through Ghosts ‘n Goblins in a less than comfortable pair; you’ll regret it later.

Adidas Consortium x Overkill ZX 10,000
Retail: $160