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4/12/19: Adidas x Raf Simons Torsion Stan

Release Info: Available Now

The latest output from adidas partner Raf Simons departs from his minimalist, bread and butter offerings, and takes the designer’s avant garde spirit in a visually playful, unexpected direction. Simons’ penchant for reimagining adidas classics adds an extra layer with the Trompe L’oeil’ pack. French for “deceive the eye,” the pack is named for an art technique used to create the illusion of a three dimensional object.

Simons makes innovative use of the technique, as a staple footwear model from the designer’s three stripes oeuvre, the Stan Smith is made to resemble a selection of other, classic adidas models: The Micropacer, Peachtree, L.A. Trainer, Torsion Conquest Super and the Samba.

The archival footwear was photographed and 3-D modeled to fit the Stan Smith silhouette. The images were then transferred to the Stan Smith, stains, exposed glue and other general wear and tear and all, for an extra detailed sense of realism.

You might say that the concept is, in the words of a different well known art movement, that Ceci N’est Pas Un Micropacer.

Adidas x Raf Simons Torsion Stan
Retail: $300