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4/1/19: Saucony Azura/Shadow 6000 "Neo Tokyo"

Release Info: Monday, April 1, 2019
Available in-store only at our Boston location at 11am EST on a first come, first served basis.

When you put all the component pieces together, Saucony’s latest release is a shoe that was destined to be made. The original Azura released in 1988, which just happens to be the same year that a certain, massively influential, iconic, essential viewing cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic anime movie about telekinetic powers and biker gangs debuted. The plot also just happens to take place in a rebuilt Neo-Tokyo, in the year 2019, as the city is slated to host the following year’s Olympic games.

Saucony’s Neo-Tokyo editions of the Azura and Shadow 6000 are inspired by the artificial brightness that gives the dystopian landscape of the city such a deceptively alluring glow. Elements like bold, cyberpunk fashion, neon lit streets and clandestine laboratories inform the retro-futuristic colorways that outfit the classic mesh with leather overlay construction of these Saucony favorites


Saucony Azura/Shadow 6000 "Neo Tokyo"
Retail: $85