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3/7/19: Women's Puma RS-X Reinvention

Release Date: Available Now

Within the past year, Puma has steadily devoted every release to bringing their modern innovation and design to the sneaker industry’s forefront. Whether it was the launch of their Puma Hoops line, including the re-release of classic Clyde iterations, or their entrance into chunky dad-land with their Thunder Spectra sneaker, they continuously strive to reinvent themselves and their brand, as well as align with the trending market. Along with that, they have introduced several contemporary takes on their classic RS-X sneakers, beginning with the Emory Jones collaboration, and now, with the all new RS-X Reinvention silhouette.

Women's Puma RS-X Reinvention 
Puma White-Peach Bud 
Retail: $110