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12/22/18: Bodega x Pleasures Apparel

Release Date: Saturday, December 22, 2018
The Bodega x Pleasures apparel will be available online at 10AM EST and in-store at both our Boston and Los Angeles locations at 11AM local time on a first come, first served basis. 

During our recent Innersect excursion, it seemed like there was one pressing question on people's minds stateside, and that question was "is any of that stuff going to be released here." Comment sections, your dreams have come true. Limited quantities of Innersect product: Reebok footwear, Pleasures apparel, F@brick accessories and ACU/Kuumba incense will be made available online, December 22nd, while supplies last. 

Gate Way Hoodie - $120
Dragon Hoodie - $120
Gate Way LS (Orange) - $50
Gate Way LS (Black) - $50
Hot Stuff LS T-Shirt - $50
Dragon SS T-Shirt (Black) - $45
Dragon SS T-Shirt (Orange) - $45
Hot Stuff SS T-Shirt - $45
Gate Way Sweatpants (Black) - $110
Gate Way Sweatpants (Orange) - $110