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11/9/18: Nike Outburst SE

This product is considered a Quickstrike (QS). All QS, limited edition, and brand collaboration products are final sale.

Release Date: Friday, November 9, 2018
Available online at 10am EST and in-store at both our Boston and Los Angeles locations at 11am local time on a first come, first served basis.

When it comes to running shoes, a white colorway with a single, bright accent color is always a reliable, if safe, choice. In 1993, this choice was safer than most, as the clean simplicity of the Nike Outburst cut a decidedly minimalist figure against the technology laden silhouettes and vivid color explosions that characterized the era’s designs.

A new, special edition release sees the Outburst on the receiving end of a 90s makeover thorough enough to have you hearing I’m Too Sexy or possibly Supermodel, in the back of your head somewhere, as the sleek wedge silhouette is outfitted in an all-over floral print with a bright blue backdrop.

Nike Outburst SE
Retail: $100