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11/2/17: Tyler the Creator X Converse Footwear

Tyler the Creator X Converse One Star "Golf Le Fleur" 
Jolly Green
Retail: $100

Tyler the Creator X Converse 
One Star "Golf Le Fleur" 
Solar Power
Retail: $100

Tyler the Creator X Converse One Star "Golf Le Fleur" 
Retail: $100

Release Date: Thursday, November 2, 2017
Available in-store at 11am EST on a first come, first serve basis. Remaining inventory will be available online at Noon.

Several years ago, Tyler, The Creator had a vision to launch a line of sneakers to go with his Golf brand. He named them “Golf Le Fleur*.” Converse and Tyler spoke about joining forces . . . everyone thought it was a good idea. From there the Golf Le Fleur* Collection was born. The end.



Golf Le Fleur* Collection brought to you by Tyler, The Creator and Converse.